[Download] Chinen Yuuri Horikoshi PAPA

Bueno estas pics muy kawais y kakois XD.
Fueron tomadas antes del terremoto en Nihon T-T.

.rar file
(08 pics)

Credits to chiis

7 Response to "[Download] Chinen Yuuri Horikoshi PAPA"

  1. Pun says:

    thank you!

    Anónimo says:

    thank you for sharing :)
    i like chinen's hair style. so cute~ :D

    venus says:

    i can't open pictureT^T

    thankyou very much

    Anónimo says:

    Thank you more much! ><

    Anónimo says:

    i love ...thanks ^^

    Anónimo says:

    sankyuu ^^

    Anónimo says:


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